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Company Promises Upped Productivity With Fleet-Management Solution

Improve productivity and save costs in fleet vehicle management. Companies operating fleets of delivery, service, or warehouse vehicles can automate the management of the vehicles with the FEAi enterprise wide fleet management solution from CSI-Maximus Inc., Wayne, Pa. Deployed across the Internet or the company intranet, and interfacing with the company's ERP system, FEAi controls all components of fleet expenses including maintenance costs (parts and labor), operating costs (fuel, oil, tires), and fixed costs (insurance, depreciation, licenses). Productivity improvements result from improved inventory management, increased vehicle availability and reliability, and continuous quality improvements in fleet maintenance. According to the company, the average user reduces inventory by 40%, improves labor productivity by 10%, and increases warranty recoveries by 37%. FEAi also can be operated by CSI-Maximus on behalf of a client company on an application service provider (ASP) basis.

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