Computer Associates' Unicenter To Monitor Industrial Processes

By Doug Bartholomew Computer Associates International Inc. has been well known as a provider of network management systems with its popular Unicenter system. Now the giant Islandia, N.Y.-based software firm is offering a similar product to manage industrial systems. Based on CA's earlier Unicenter technology, the new system, Unicenter Industrial Process Manager (IPM), allows chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, energy firms, and other process manufacturers to remotely manage operations. Using a common, intuitive command-control console, the system enables managers to monitor and modify the status and settings of devices across the enterprise, including shop-floor machinery and lab equipment, as well as network servers and e-business applications. "With CA's Unicenter IPM, we will be able to resolve the challenges of remotely managing the performance of our transmission substation equipment and IEDs," says Roman Francis, planning analyst at Transpower NZ Ltd. in New Zealand.

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