Consulting Firm Publishes ISO 14001 How-To Guide

A comprehensive, 800-page manual has been published to help guide health and safety managers through the ISO 14001 implementation process. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems: A Complete Implementation Guide, was written by consultants at Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Environmental Resources Management. The ISO 14001 environmental management systems (EMS) standard, the core of the ISO 14000 series, presents the requirements an organization should meet in order to create an effective EMS. An effective EMS should include the setting of goals and priorities, assignment of responsibility for accomplishing them, measuring and reporting of results, and external verification of claims. "Even if your organization does not actually go through the ISO certification process, the discussion and support tools in the guide will assist the user in creating an effective EMS that will improve and add value to your organization's operations," say coauthors Anthony Saponara and Randy Roig. Each chapter of the manual consists of specific requirements, a fictitious case study, case samples, and task lists. The manual costs $370.

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