Corning To Reduce Costs, Improve Quality, Expand E-Manufacturing Capabilites

Compiled By Deborah Austin Corning Inc. has chosen OnTrack production-management and traceability software from Real World Technology, for use at Corning's Costar medical-device facility in Kennebunk, Maine. OnTrack is an off-the-shelf software package that automates management of the plant floor and captures detailed traceability information to give manufacturers product quality, warranty, and liability solutions. Corning will use OnTrack to expand its e-manufacturing capabilities. The solution will provide time-sensitive data to enhance decision-making by electronically monitoring manufacturing processes in real time and tracking output from a variety of machines and control devices. The system will store information about machine capacity and trace machine condition adjustments that could affect product quality, says Corning IT analyst John Dolewa. The $4.3 billion Corning, headquartered in Corning, N.Y., makes optical fiber, cable, and components; electronic displays; high-performance glass and components for televisions; and materials for scientific, life sciences, and environmental markets. Mount Prospect, Ill.-headquartered Real World makes production management and tracking software.

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