Corporate Training Gets Personal With gForce

By Doug Bartholomew Online training is nothing new, but the latest version of gForce Systems Inc.'s eLearning portal system gives employees a personalized view of their training plans and activities. Called gForce Central 2.5, the new software package enables employees to focus on acquiring the corporate knowledge they need most. Using the software's personal console called gForce Dashboard, each learner can track training assignments and receive alerts about updates to content. gForce bills this as "just for me" learning. "Our ability to offer a personalized view of the gForce Library via a browser-based thin client is a very powerful differentiator," says Shailesh Agarwal, vice president of engineering at gForce in San Jose. Another new feature is the ability to provide employees with updated course material online. "We found that many companies were making significant investments in training content only to have their eLearning initiatives fail in large part because they had no effective way to make the learner population aware of the new material," says Carol Morrison, vice president of marketing at gForce. "To help companies solve that problem we added crucial notification/push capability to gForce central by integrating it with existing enterprise messaging architecture."

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