Create Virtual Product Demonstrations On The Web

Companies wishing to demonstrate the full functionality of complex and mechanical products over the Web can turn to the LiveProducts division of e-SIM Ltd., New York. According to the company, the application creates fully functional, interactive, and precisely accurate simulations for the Web -- complete with animated feature demonstrations with streaming voice-over and online user's manuals. Maytag Corp. is using the system to help introduce the Neptune -- its new horizontal-axis washing machine that offers multiple breakthrough features. With the LiveProducts simulation, consumers and retailers can test the controls, experience the washer's front-loading design, and learn the washer's key benefits. "LiveProducts' [simulations] look, sound, and behave just like the real thing and will revolutionize the way consumers evaluate, purchase, and learn about new products on the Internet," says Bill Sims, CEO, e-SIM's LiveProducts division. "With an average file size of just 150K, LiveProducts load fast, even on the slowest modem."

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