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Current Worker Attitudes? They're Confused, Survey Finds

Compiled By Jill Jusko Corporate goals? What corporate goals? A new survey says shifting corporate strategies have left many employees confused about the link between their jobs and company objectives, resulting in a more difficult recovery for some firms. Conducted by Watson Wyatt & Co., a Washington, D.C.-based human resource consulting firm, the WorkUSA 2002 survey found that just 49% of employees understand the steps their companies are taking to reach new business goals -- a drop of 20% since 2000. Just 35% clearly understand the link between their job performance and the pay they earn. "This is extremely unfortunate because we know that there is tremendous positive impact to the bottom line when employees see strong connections between company goals and their jobs," says Ilene Gochman, Watson Wyatt national practice leader for organizational effectiveness. The WorkUSA 2002 survey, conducted earlier this year, also showed the following results:

  • 45% of respondents view their profit-sharing plans favorably, compared with 55% in 2000.
  • 39% trust senior leaders at their firms. This question was not asked in 2000.
  • 19% say their companies involve employees in decisions that affect them, down from 27% in 2000. The survey includes responses from 12,750 workers at all jobs levels and in all industries.
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