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Customer Service Solution Automatically Closes Transaction Loop

Compiled By Deborah Austin iCustomer CSE -- a customer-service solution providing life-cycle management of requests, inquiries and trouble tickets -- has been released by order/customer service management solutions provider Step 9 Software Corp., McLean, Va. The solution offers workflow/customer management and automated process control without customization, saving implementation money and time, says Step 9. Features include:

  • First-Call Resolution: Immediate access to details of customer's installed products/services, billing arrangements, call history.
  • Incident Collection: Supports data audit trail to prioritize and route to appropriate party, for incidents requiring resolution beyond call centers.
  • Knowledgebase: Access to documented fixes, frequently asked questions and other repetitive information.
  • Architecture: Windows thin-client native Web and .NET technology; native Web portal-based for anytime/anywhere data access, self-care.
  • Metrics to manage/assess customer satisfaction, customer service employee workload and productivity.
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