DaimlerChrysler, BASF Others To Consider Methanol Fuel Cells

By BridgeNews In a joint statement this week, German/U.S. car group DaimlerChrysler AG, German chemical group BASF AG, the UK's BP International Ltd., Canadian Methanex Inc., Norway's Statoil Sandvika, and XCELLIS GmbH said they have agreed to evaluate and accelerate the introduction of methanol fuel cell vehicles. Methanol (methyl alcohol) is considered a better alternative to fossil fuels in terms of harmful environmental impact. The objective of the agreement is the actual production of methanol fuel, the statement said. However, any health, safety, environmental, and infrastructure issues associated with the use of such a fuel need to be evaluated first. Further, the statement said the results of the evaluation would be published to benefit others working on the development of methanol fuel and methanol fuel vehicles. The companies plan to implement the results of the study in a "real" world application, the statement said.

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