DaimlerChrysler Joins Green Suppliers Partnership

DaimlerChrysler Corp. has joined the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, a forum for automotive suppliers to share environmental best practices throughout the supply chain. Increased business performance and reduced environmental impacts are the twin goals of the organization. "The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment establishes a forum where the Environmental Protection Agency and the automobile supply industry can work together to achieve common goals of environmental performance," says Stephen L. Johnson, acting deputy administrator for the EPA. "We welcome DaimlerChrysler's participation." "This partnership demonstrates that leading companies in the automobile industry and the government can work together to identify and address issues that will bring about a positive impact for the environment while improving the economic viability of the industry and its supply chains," says Reginald Modlin, DaimlerChrysler director of environmental and energy planning. With the addition of DaimlerChrysler, the Suppliers Partnership's membership has reached 21 companies. They include Delphi Corp., General Motors Corp., Johnson Controls Inc., Lear Corp., Motorola Inc., and others.

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