Delphi Aims to Register All Plants To ISO 14001 Standard

Troy, Mich.-based Delphi Automotive Systems is on its way to registering all of its 168 facilities to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Twenty-nine of the company's facilities have been registered or recommended for registration. Delphi's goal is to have all facilities registered by the end of 2001. Plants are audited twice a year to maintain the ISO 14001 registered status. "It's important that everyone in our operations knows what their individual roles and responsibilities are as far as the environment is concerned," says Marty Cristo, the manager in charge of implementing Delphi's environmental management systems. "By implementing the ISO 14001 standard, we are really saying it's not just the environmental engineer who is responsible. Everyone has a part in maintaining the ISO 14001 standard." John Jaffurs, director, Delphi environmental services, says the integration of the ISO 14001 standard into company operations will allow it to design effective processes, utilize materials in an effective manner, and help prevent pollution before it starts.

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