Demand Chain Application Offers New Brand-Management Tools

Compiled By Deborah Austin HAHT Commerce - demand-chain-management applications provider, Raleigh, N.C. -- has released the newest version of its iChannel channel management product, providing such added features as partner segmentation and collaborative personalization. HAHT iChannel 4.0, as with previous versions of iChannel, is designed to optimize transactions between manufacturers and their channel partners. It addresses brand-management components including partner management, channel catalog; brand asset management, partner services such as enabling partners to define their own product assortments and pricing, and channel intelligence. New features now available through HAHT iChannel 4.0:

  • Partner segmentation, enabling different treatment for different partners.
  • Ability to create and manage product assortments.
  • Collaborative personalization, letting both manufacturer and partner customize product presentation/merchandising.
  • New product launch and end-of-life synchronization.
  • Deep integration with back-office systems.
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