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Demand For Executives Continues To Increase

ExecuNet Inc.'s third-quarter 2000 Executive Talent Demand Index shows that overall demand for executives increased 34% compared with third-quarter 1999. While overall demand continues, demand for general management (primarily CEOs, COOs, VPs, and business managers) has eased up somewhat -- although demand is still 28% greater in the third quarter of 2000 versus the third quarter of 1999. In the first quarter of 2000 demand for general management had increased by 71% year over year and in the second quarter of 2000 by 49% year over year. This may well be due to the implosion of Internet IPOs and the subsequent slowing of the start-up frenzy following the April stock market adjustment. Increase in demand by function for third-quarter 2000:

  • Finance, 21%
  • General Management, 28%
  • Operations Management, 15%
  • Sales & Marketing, 48%
  • Human Resource, 22%
  • MIS/IT, 51%
  • Consulting, 36%
ExecuNet is a Norwalk, Conn.-based job, salary, career management, and networking organization for executives with salaries in excess of $100,000.
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