Developing Countries To Fuel Floor-Covering Demand

Economic growth and rising personal income levels in Turkey, China, India, Mexico, Brazil and South Korea will help fuel a 3.6% annual growth rate in carpet and flooring demand through 2006, according to a recent report from The Freedonia Group, Cleveland, Ohio. The industrial market researchers says demand in China will grow 8.6%; in other Asian countries, 5.9%; and in other regions other than North America and Canada, 5.7%. The United States will remain by far the largest floor-covering market in the world, though demand will grow slower than during the previous five years (2.2% vs. 3.3%). Laminate flooring, ceramic tile and other "nonresilient" flooring products will record the strongest market gains through 2006. The Freedonia study, "World Carpet & Flooring," is available for $4,700.

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