Digital Freight, Cleartrack Team To Deliver E-Logistics Solution

Compiled By Jill Jusko Web-based logistics-tools-provider Digital Freight Inc. and Cleartrack Information Network Inc., a provider of supply-chain event-management services, have announced a strategic partnership to provide an online solution for transportation procurement and freight management and visibility. Digital Freight's DigitalRFQ, in conjunction with Cleartrack's Hawk Next Generation Visibility, will allow shippers to: gain access to prequalified regional and national carriers; negotiate competitive rates; help carriers identify strategic routes and lanes; provide real-time shipment information; send immediate alert notifications about shipment status; and provide tools to improve decision-making and evaluate supply-chain performance. The integrated solutions allow users to select carriers by simultaneously considering a variety of criteria, including cost, capacity and performance, and manage the movement of freight around the world. This integrated solution is expected to become available in the second quarter of 2002. Currently both solutions are available as separate products from their respective companies.

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