Direct Material Fulfillment Solution Boosts Information Access, Data Detail

Compiled By Deborah Austin The latest release of i-Supply -- a direct material fulfillment Web-based application service for manufacturing-industry players from SupplySolution Inc. -- offers information access more than 10 times faster than in previous versions. New filters give a greater degree of data detail, enabling faster query responses. The release -- i-Supply version 4.6 -- includes a new feature called "i-Supply QuickView," an alternate view of the solution's Inventory Console enabling high performance when large numbers of line items are involved. By year's end, another release of the "QuickView" concept will be introduced to the solution's Shipping and Receiving Manager to give fast views of in-transit inventory data. Future releases may expand "QuickView" to forecast and consumption data. SupplySolution, Santa Barbara, Calif. and Southfield, Mich., is a supply-chain-execution applications provider.

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