E-Manufacturing Solution Optimizes Sort-Floor Data

Compiled By Dave Schafer Electroglas Inc., a supplier of process-management tools for the semiconductor industry, has introduced the newest member of its SORTnet family of software solutions, SORTmanager, a Web-based system for sort-floor-data acquisition, analysis, reporting, and process control. Electroglas says SORTmanager enables any authorized user to use a standard Web browser to access, analyze, and correlate data from multiple wager probers. With that information the person can quickly improve or address problems that impact productivity and profitability, says San Jose-based Electroglas. "The industry has identified 'back-end' processes as having the greatest potential for affecting the decrease in the overall cost of production," says Howard Ignatius, director of strategic software marketing, Electroglas. "Combine this with spiraling capital equipment costs and technology acceleration, and it results in a high need for SORTmanager's ability to automate process control, yield enhancement, and equipment utilization across multiple locations." Electroglas says SORTmanager goes beyond supplying the full selection of statistical process control and quality control charts and analysis. An open system, SORTmanager allows charts to be customized to meet the requirements of the user's application, the company says.

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