E-Stressed? Just Try The Fax, Ma'am

Despite the Internet's groundbreaking communications potential, employees say fax machines still are a bigger help at easing communication-related workplace stress. In a recent Gallup survey by Pitney Bowes Office Systems (maker of fax machines), 45% of workers in midsized companies and one-third in large companies said fax was their top stress reliever in workplace communications. E-mail ranked a close second, chosen by 21% of workers in midsized firms and one-third in larger firms. Respondents with access to both e-mail and fax equipment were asked which they'd choose if they had to limit their means of sending documents to only one method. Across the board, more said they'd choose fax. Of those surveyed, 37% say their workplace stress level is higher than a year ago, versus 10% who say it's lower. Seventy-one percent in large firms and 78% in midsized companies say they're working harder -- and only 13% of both say they can finish all the work they need to do in a typical day.

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