e-Wood Launches Online Wood Trading Site

Following the lead of firms starting such consumer online auction sites as eBay and Amazon.com, e-Wood has launched e-Wood.com. The site links buyers and sellers from all fields related to wood, such as sawmills, wood product manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, wood brokers, builders, furniture makers, wood-working equipment dealers, and loggers. The site also offers news and information about the wood industry. Arnold Kraft, the company's president and CEO, says the site will offer lower prices for the buyer, higher prices for the seller, and expanded choices for both. The site also will benefit the environment by improving distribution channels for wood surplus, scrap, and byproducts. "Ultimately, identifying sources of wood that are not being fully utilized and incorporating these materials into value-added products will reduce pressures on our forest resources," says Lincoln Alden, vice president of business development.

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