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The Economy Claims Another Victim: Travel

Compiled By Michael A. Verespej More online meetings, more videoconferencing, and fewer authorized trips are on the agenda for many companies. That's the short-term outlook for corporate travel in light of the economic slowdown, suggests a survey released by Austin-based BTLogic, a Web-based company that facilitates travel deals and specializes in real-time, Web-based research strategies. The study found that 42% of the companies surveyed have recently used or considered using videoconferencing for the first time and that 19% have used or considered using online meetings to replace travel. "Businesses are now seeing this as a viable alternative to some business travel," says Stan Plog, BTLogic chairman. In addition, between 44% and 46% of companies said that in order to cut travel costs, they will book flights more in advance, renegotiate travel commitments with suppliers, and reduce the number of authorized trips. The most likely trips to fall victim to travel cuts: attendance at conferences and meetings.

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