Emissions, Coal Market Pricing Offered Free Via Web Site

Compiled By Deborah Austin Evolution Markets, a New York-based advisory services and brokerage firm focused on environmental and coal markets, has introduced a new Web site. The site offers online tools for managing emissions as well as price risk of coal supplies, determines emissions reduction and energy credits, and accesses environmental and market data. Price discovery, policy analysis, and conversion calculators are offered free of charge to participants in both environmental and coal markets. The site, which replaces the firm's earlier temporary site, includes these emissions calculators:

  • Global Warming Potential Converter
  • Tons Converter (for emissions volume)
  • Coal Calculators -- including basis converter, cost of coal on cents per million BTU basis, energy content, calculation of fouling and slagging factors, and others. The site also offers daily market reports and historical data for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, greenhouse gases, and over-the-counter coal markets -- including pricing for derivative structures. It also helps determine how many credits energy companies need to construct new plants.
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