Energy Seen As One Of Best Career Moves

By John S. McClenahen During the next five years, the best career moves will be energy, healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices, and defense and security, claims Christian & Timbers. Demand for executives in these fields is already increasing. For example, there's been an 8% increase in the demand for biotechnology executives during the last two years, despite tough economic times, says the international executive search firm. Demand for healthcare executives is up 15% this year compared to last. "As people are looking for new employment, we recommend that they apply previous experience to industries that will be here for the long haul. Loretta Lynn might have been a coal miner's daughter, but she is not a coal miner. People seeking employment should shed the past and find new hope in the future where the jobs really are," says Jeffrey Christian, chairman of Christian & Timbers.

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