Engaging Employees Enhances Bottom Line

Keeping employees engaged is a critical component to business success, according to a recent survey by Performance Assessment Network Inc., a Carmel, Ind.-based provider of Internet-based testing and assessment solutions. However, the 2004 National Study on Workforce Engagement found that less than half of today's workforce is "fully engaged" and nearly one-third is "unengaged." "Employees who are actively engaged with their company will enhance their company's success by keeping the cost of turnover low and increasing revenue from current and future customers," says Marc Drizin, Performance Assessment Network's director of workforce engagement. "However, the [study] reveals that less than half of today's employees can be counted on to stay longer, work harder and recommend the company as a good place to work, while nearly one-third are doing things that indicate they are 'halfway out the door' to another job." The study identified critical areas to improve or leverage to gain workforce engagement:

  • daily satisfaction;
  • ethics, diversity and safety;
  • reputation management;
  • effective senior leadership;
  • opportunities for advancement;
  • tools and technology;
  • work/life balance.
Performance Assessment Network conducted interviews with nearly 2,600 employees, 18 years or older, who worked for companies with more than 50 employees.
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