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Executives In Demand Despite Sluggish Economy

Compiled By Deborah Austin Despite global economic slowing, demand for senior executives increased in 2000 -- and top-flight professionals still have many options as firms jockey to gain advantage in today's ultra-competitive marketplace -- says the most recent Executive Demand Index by executive search firm Korn/Ferry International, Los Angeles. Demand grew 23% compared with 1999, propelled by a 32% surge in North America and 30% in Asia/Pacific. Executive demand climbed 15% in Latin America and 12% in Europe. The advanced technology sector ruled, comprising 29% of all North America's executive searches in 2000, up from 20% in 1999. In Latin America it commanded a 25% share, up from 15%; in Asia/Pacific, 29%, up from 21%. In Europe, financial services demand led at 24%, up from 22%. Functionally, global demand for general managers ranked tops in 2000 -- representing 25% of demand in North America, 23% in Latin America, and 30% in Europe and Asia/Pacific.

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