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Executives Voice Top 10 Wishes

Compiled By Traci Purdum Ever wonder what your peers ask for during the holidays? The Individual Communications Network found out. The Detroit-based business communicators' organization asked industry executives what one wish they would want granted. Here is the Top 10 list: 10 Newly elected politicians honor at least 50% of their campaign promises. 9 (From a carmaker) All Tier Ones go on a diet and take their suppliers along. We need to take fat costs out of the whole value chain. 8 (From a supplier) OEMs that don't penalize suppliers with price reductions for their own management mistakes. 7 A law prohibiting, or at least limiting, telemarketers and senders of spam. 6 Companies judged on merit, not grouped with the few that operate with unethical boards of directors. 5 "Real" time off -- no office contact and no laptops allowed! 4 No war and a peaceful solution in all troubled areas of the world. 3 A better appreciation and understanding of each other and our connections, as members of the human race. 2 A robust economy and jobs for all, nationally and globally. 1 Everyone celebrating the full scope of human freedom, extending it to our fellow travelers on this spaceship called Earth.

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