Factory-Scheduling Goals Met With HatTrick

Atlanta-based Taylor Manufacturing Systems Inc. is offering HatTrick, an agile factory-scheduling solution for small and midsize plants that must manage a large number of complex orders in a customer-focused, e-business marketplace.

The Windows-based system, which will be distributed by Taylor's value-added partners, draws on Taylor's long-time shop floor scheduling and monitoring experience and brings demand-driven production functionality to the marketplace at a competitive price.

"HatTrick increases customer responsiveness by offering more accurate promise dates and shorter lead times," says David Pleak, vice president of operations at Taylor. "Shop-floor monitoring and the proactive workflow notification of events help plants readjust and reoptimize schedules quickly to keep customers satisfied and operations running at peak efficiency," he notes.

HatTrick features a proven scheduling engine based on all constraints, an interactive Gantt chart, real-time connectivity to ERP and MES systems, user-defined rules and weights, and the depth and functionality for modeling complex environments. The software supports Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 on a Windows NT server.

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