Financial Reporting, HR Packages Launched by Geac

By Doug Bartholomew Geac Enterprise Solutions Americas, a division of Geac Computer Corp. Ltd., last month released new software packages for financial reporting and human-resources management. One of the world's largest software companies, Geac, which acquired the former Dun & Bradstreet Software's popular SmartStream software suite a few years ago, offers enterprise resource planning systems as well as other business applications. The Markham, Ontario, firm, with U.S. offices in Atlanta, has some 38,000 customers and had revenues of $835 million in fiscal year 2001. Its primary customer base includes automotive, food and beverage, apparel, and electronic components manufacturing. At LTV Copperweld, a manufacturer that uses SmartStream, Eric Schorr, financial systems coordinator, says that staff in nearly half its locations in North America will begin using the financial reporting application, called FRx Financial Reporting, to augment its Geac SmartStream general ledger applications. "We expect the solution will enable our users to become more productive, allowing them to run more reports, customize the reports for better business analysis, and easily distribute them over the Internet," Schorr says. FRx enables companies to view SmartStream financial reports using any standard Web browser. It also provides a number of tools to design, publish, view and store essential financial information across the Internet or a corporate intranet.

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