Financial Webcasting Company Extends Reach

Compiled By Jill Jusko Fair Disclosure Financial Network (FDfn) Inc., a provider of corporate financial information dissemination services, is expanding its audio Webcasting coverage to more than 4,000 company earnings calls each quarter beginning in the second quarter of 2002. In addition, the Boston-based company has introduced IR SuperCast. "We will be providing the full universe of significant earnings calls each quarter to our financial distribution network," says David F. Irving, FDfn CEO. FDfn's IR SuperCast allows Webcasting of basic audio earnings calls and distribution over FDfn's network of portal partners. Additionally, however, the new service gives clients high-end Webcasting services such as video, synchronized PowerPoint, live events, imbedded multimedia and related services. Companies also will receive access to AnalystCall, a process that converts audio earnings calls to interactive text in near real time. FDfn also has introduced a new Web site,

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