French Automaker Peugeot To Build New Model In Iran

By Bridge News French carmaker Peugeot announced June 17 that it will begin production of its new 206 model in Iran in early 2001, the Iranian official agency IRNA reported. "Following a test production of the Peugeot 206, 15,000 units will be produced next year, and 120,000 units will be produced in Iran by the end of [2003]," according to Hossien Amiri, an official of the Iran Peugeot project, IRNA said. The announcement came on the first day of a meeting in Tehran of French spare-parts makers linked to the Peugeot plan. The Peugeot 206 will be jointly produced with state-owned Sapco, a subsidiary of the Iran-Khodro company that makes the local market's leading model, the Paykan.

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