Front-End System Feeds Into ShipXact's Warehouse Data Center -- an Atlanta-based supply-chain logistics and e-fulfillment firm -- recently announced supply-chain management solution TrackXact. With TrackXact, front-end orders from distributors, salespeople, retailers, call centers, and shopping carts can be fed directly into the central data center at ShipXact's warehouse system. Orders are picked, scanned, and transmitted back to the center where the products are packed. After the products have been packed, the optimum shipping methods are chosen, shipping labels attached, and all information transmitted into the data center. Incoming inventory also is counted and scanned, and transaction data is transmitted to the center. All fulfillment information is accessible to customers from any browser, giving lead time to maintain wanted levels of product inventory. Previously known as National Fulfillment Inc., ShipXact's client roster includes multibillion-dollar firms such as Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Georgia-Pacific Group.

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