Fujitsu's Recycling Efforts Boost Local Charities

Compiled By Deborah Austin Recycling programs less than 4 years old already have reduced bulk chemical usage by 60% and solid waste generation by 77% for Fujitsu Network Communications -- a Richardson, Tex.-based designer/manufacturer of fiber-optic transmission and broadband switching platforms. Two key factors -- improved manufacturing process and more advanced technology at Fujitsu plants -- have helped reduce bulk chemical usage including isopropyl alcohol, flux, and SC-10, says the company. To reduce solid-waste generation, the firm has started new recycling activities at its Richardson campus. During 2000 it recycled more than 500,000 pounds of cardboard, 69,000 pounds of paper, and other materials including scrap metal, fluorescent lamps, and old workstations. Money collected from recycling, about $100,000 yearly, is donated to Richardson-area charitable causes. The firm's programs -- backed by senior management -- originated with its parent company in Japan, says George Banash, chief environmental officer. Fujitsu Network Communications is part of Tokyo-based $50 billion Fujitsu Ltd., global provider of information technology and networking solutions.

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