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Global E-Commerce Gets Boost From ClearCross Network

By Doug Bartholomew The formidable task of leaping through the quixotic assortment of hoops that constitute cross-border trade regulations may get a little easier as a result of a new set of import capabilities now being offered by ClearCross (formerly Syntra). Using the ClearCross Network, a global commerce management system, companies can integrate all regulatory compliance information, landed cost calculations, associated documents, and execution capabilities needed to procure goods or fulfill orders across international borders. The import package, which is U.S. Customs-approved, includes capabilities for customhouse brokers, such as handling of multiple invoices, lines and tariffs, compliance verification, and document preparation. The software conforms to the Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR), ensuring that trade information is stored, queried, and communicated in compliance with government regulations. "To profit in the global Internet economy, companies must eliminate the friction of borders, simplifying global commerce to the level of domestic commerce," says Richard Giordanella, chairman and CEO of ClearCross, based in New York.

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