GM, Suzuki, Isuzu Unveil New 'Green' Technology

Demonstrating the strength of their alliances, General Motors Corp., Suzuki Motor Corp., and Isuzu Motors Ltd. have concurrently unveiled three new environmentally friendly concept vehicles. The vehicles will be on display this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. GM chairman and CEO Jack Smith, Isuzu chairman and CEO Kazuhira Seki, and Suzuki president and CEO Osamu Suzuki said the vehicles were the result of cooperation among the three companies. GM introduced its Triax. It features a choice of propulsion systems: a high efficiency internal combustion engine, a hybrid electric-internal combustion system, or an all-electric system. Isuzu introduced its latest concept of its Asian Utility Vehicle, as well as three new environmentally friendly diesel engines. Suzuki unveiled its EV-sport vehicle, a two-seater concept car that includes a GM-created electric propulsion system.

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