'GoKart' Streamlines Inventory Picking

Compiled By Traci Purdum FKI Logistex, a supplier of integrated material handling solutions, has come up with a solution for inefficient inventory picking. Real Time Solutions, a subsidiary of Emeryville, Calif.-based FKI Logistex, has developed EASYpick GoKarts that enable batch picking of low-velocity stock-keeping units (SKU). The pick-to-light system -- which is a system that uses a lighted digital display to tell the picker what item they need to pick and the quantities of that item they need to pick for a given order -- enables operators to pick several orders simultaneously during a single pass through, thus reducing walk time by employees. At the beginning of each pick cycle, the picker scans the totes on the cart using a handheld RF scanner. Once scanned, the pick destination is displayed. Upon arrival, the picker verifies the location and picks the items as indicated on the pick-to-light display unit. When all items have been picked, the system displays the next pick location. "By employing wireless pick-to-light technology, EASYpick GoKarts give operators mobility and real-time reporting for low-velocity SKU picking," says Stephen Legg, president of FKI Logistex Real Time Solutions. "We enable pickers in even the most remote location of the distribution center to remain integrated into scheduled work waves, keeping picking operations flowing smoothly."

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