Heinz To Create $5 Billion Business Powerhouse in Pittsburgh

The H.J. Heinz Co. will combine its U.S. grocery and foodservice businesses into one "powerhouse of brands" company, moving the headquarters of Star-Kist Foods Inc., StarKist Seafood, and Heinz Pet Products to a new Pittsburgh location from Newport, Ky. The company also will combine the sales for Heinz U.S.A., StarKist Seafood, Heinz Pet Products, and Heinz Frozen Food into a single U.S. sales company called Heinz Sales Co. The company will renovate two existing factories to create office space on the new campus. The Pittsburgh location will consist of 17 acres of research, production, and warehouse buildings, according to Debbie Foster, director of Corporate Communications at H.J. Heinz Co. Heinz expects the renovation to be completed by mid-2001. The businesses involved in the relocation and combination account for $5 billion of Heinz's $9 billion total annual sales. H.J. Heinz World Headquarters is located in downtown Pittsburgh and will continue operating separately.

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