House Passes NLRB Reform Bill

In one of its most significant actions for the business community prior to leaving for its Apr. 2-20 spring recess, the House passed the business-backed Small Business & Employees Act. The measure, aimed at reining in the power of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), among other things would:

  • Allow companies with fewer than 100 employees to recover attorney fees and defense costs when they prevail in cases brought against them by the board.
  • Set a one-year deadline for the NLRB to resolve unfair labor practice cases against a company and require the agency to conduct hearings when deciding the appropriate bargaining unit for multi-facility employers.
  • Ban the practice of "salting," in which union representatives apply for jobs in a company for the primary purpose of organizing the firm or creating litigation.

The measure is a long way from enactment, however. Strongly opposed by organized labor, it cleared the House by only a 202-200 margin and faces heavy resistance in the Senate, which now takes it up.

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