i2 Adds Logistics

i2 Technologies Inc., a leading developer of supply-chain planning software used by many manufacturers, bolstered its product line with a deal to merge with InterTrans Logistics Solutions, a transportation management systems vendor.

"i2 and InterTrans have been collaborating for the past year to provide our customers with the competitive advantage of integrated advanced transportation planning and supply chain planning," says Sanjiv Sidhu, chairman and CEO of i2, based in Irving, Tex. Companies already using the combined i2/InterTrans systems include Herman Miller, E&J Gallo Winery, and Lipton.

Based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, InterTrans provides software to manage both the daily operations and the tactical and strategic planning of transportation and logistics across the supply chain. Last May, I2 began integrating transportation-specific algorithms from InterTrans into its RHYTHM software package.

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