IBM India Launches With Focus On E-Commerce, Computers

MUMBAI: IBM India has identified e-commerce as one of its major business thrusts in India although outsourcing, system integration, networking services, learning services, and software solutions continue to remain the company's focuses. IBM will concentrate on small and medium cities to expand its business in India, says Ranjit Limaye, the company's managing director and chief executive officer. Limaye was speaking on the occasion of IBM India's formal launch Sept. 23. IBM came to India a few years ago through the joint venture Tata-IBM with the Tata group. Both the partners in the joint venture had an understanding that IBM would form a separate company after establishing its base in the country. IBM bought Tata's stake in the joint venture about two months ago. Limaye says that IBM India will concentrate on seeking more business from state governments and companies based in over 25 large and medium cities in the country. "Over the next few months, IBM will conduct road shows to demonstrate its products and solutions for small and medium businesses in 16 cities across the country and enhance its showcase for large businesses in the major metropolitan cities", he says. IBM India also plans to manufacture desktop computers in southern Pondicherry. IBM Asia Pacific's President John Joyce says the Indian company will continue to launch new products, particularly in e-business and "work towards a leadership position in information technology. "Eighteen months ago when I was in India, I was preaching e-business to our customers. And today, our customers are challenging us and demanding more," Joyce says.

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