IBM Preloading Acacia Software On AS/400 Computers

There's lots of talk about "plug and play," meaning the computer software or hardware you purchase can immediately be connected and used without a lot of integration. But when all is said and done, few companies are doing much to accomplish this elusive goal. Two companies making strides are Acacia Technologies and IBM Corp. Under an agreement announced Jan. 20, customers of Acacia's software will be able to purchase its enterprise systems preinstalled on IBM's popular AS/400e midrange computers. IBM at its AS/400 plants in Rochester, Minn. and Santa Palomba, Italy, will be able to install Acacia's suite of software, including:

  • PRMS, an integrated ERP system for discrete, repetitive, process, or coexistent manufacturing processes.
  • KBM, a knowledge-based ERP system tailored for custom products manufacturing.
  • Warehouse BOSS, a complete warehouse-management system covering all aspects of receiving, locating, stocking, order management, picking, packing, and shipping.
"The preload option offers our clients a way to compress the traditional software installation timeframe," says Ken Ramoutar, vice president of worldwide marketing at Acacia, based in Lisle, Ill. Adds IBM's Debra Thompson, vice president of Enterprise Systems, AS/400 Brand, "Preloading Acacia's suite of supply-chain management applications on AS/400e servers saves customers time and resources and lets them concentrate on running their business."
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