IBM Releases Intelligent Agent for Browsers

Improve the control and efficiency of your Web-browsing capability with new software-agent technology from IBM Corp. Attached to any Windows NT/95 or OS/2 browser, the Web Browser Intelligence (WBI) agent will help users remember previously visited sites, search previously viewed sites by keyword on titles or full-site content, provide alerts to speed links, poll bookmarked sites and alert users to changes at those sites, rank-order viewed sites by frequency and chronology, and learn user patterns and suggest shortcuts. In business, WBI could be used in customer-service applications to personalize each customer's use of the service by remembering his or her personal history, remembering patterns of usage, alerting to changes, and delivering customer content, according to IBM.

The WBI agent is available for free download at For enterprise customers, software developers, Internet-service providers, or others who wish to customize, embed, or resell WBI, IBM will license the software with terms negotiated based on specific usage.

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