IFS, PipeChain Offer Supply-Chain Execution Solutions

Compiled By Gina Protopapa IFS, a developer and supplier of component-based business applications, and PipeChain, a company that specializes in full logistic solutions, formed a worldwide partnership to integrate PipeChain's Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software with IFS' component-based business application. The partnership, announced at IFS' World Conference in Poland, targets repetitive manufacturing industries -- such as electronics and automotive -- that require automated, highly repetitive supply-chain solutions. IFS customers now have the full range of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) products from which to choose, integrating both to their high- and low-volume customers and suppliers. PipeChain's advanced VMI solutions are used for the high-volume partners, and IFS' portal-based VMI solutions are used for the low-volume partners. IFS will package and sell PipeChain's leading SCE and VMI solutions as integrated components along with IFS Applications business software, which offer customers a step-by-step evolution to the extended enterprise. PipeChain is based in Lund, Sweden. IFS is based in Linkoping, Sweden.

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