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Image Is Everything, Business Group Says

Compiled By Traci Purdum How a company portrays itself is critical, especially in times of trouble according to The Conference Board, a global business research organization. Indeed, the ways that companies are managing their images and branding strategies are the focus of several Conference Board meetings that are being held through May 2003. In the wake of business scandals and a weak economy, the Conference Board has seen several trends evolve, including:

  • A move by many companies to position themselves around higher, philanthropic causes that go beyond financial performance.
  • A retreat form "trendiness" toward "authenticity" - with many firms now trying to re-associate themselves with their true heritage, tradition and stability.
  • Stepped-up investments to find new uses and applications for existing products.
  • Widespread efforts to involve employees in managing a company's image and branding.
The remaining Conference Board events include the Customer Relationship Management Conference, Feb. 20-21, New York; Extending Your Brand To Employees Conference, Feb. 27-28, Chicago; Corporate Communication Conference, May 1-2, New York; and the Customer Loyalty Conference, May 14-15, New York.
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