Information Overload Packs Offices With Paper, Disks

Despite the "paperless revolution", it's harder than ever to keep your desk organized. That's the word from Christine Albertini, director of storage for Grand Rapids, Mich.-based office furniture manufacturer Steelcase Inc. "The sheer volume of information available is increasing at an incredible rate," she says. "Also, team meeting spaces have increased, and individual workspace size has decreased." Not only is paper use increasing, but workers now need space to store disks and other media, shows the most recent semiannual Steelcase Workplace Index survey. Office workers report storing an average 44.6% of their information only in electronic format, 34.4% only on paper, and 20.9% on both. But workers aged 55-plus still trust hard copy more, storing an average 40.4% on paper only. Overall, 33% of U.S. office workers say they are "neat freaks,". Another 27% identify themselves as "pilers," 23% as "filers," 12% "pack rats," and 2% "slobs."

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