International Chamber Tackles Transfer Of Ownership

Exactly when ownership passes from seller to buyer is a crucial and often contentious question in international trade. The Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has just published Transfer of Ownership in International Trade, a comparative study of the relevant laws in 19 major trading nations. It will be a valuable tool for traders, bankers, and international carriers who seek answers to questions of ownership, possession, and proprietary rights. ICC hopes its book will be a first step toward harmonizing rules on the transfer of ownership. "We commend this study to decision-makers in the area of trade facilitation," says the book's chief editor, Alexander von Ziegler. "National regimes will have to be reconciled in view of the rapid emergence of a global market in which the volume of goods crossing borders is growing at an exponential rate." The publication (ICC Publication No. 546) is available from ICC national committees worldwide or ICC Publishing SA.Orders may be placed by e-mail to: [email protected]. or through the ICC Business Bookstore. The book is also available through

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