Internet, PC Functionality Merge with Internet Explorer 4.0

Melding the functionality of the Internet and the PC is the vision for release 4.0 of Internet Explorer Internet client, according to Microsoft Corp. Integration between browser and Windows 95 or NT operating systems allows users to move seamlessly between Web pages and files and applications resident on the PC. The system also features enhanced browsing capability, including offline browsing support; communications functionality including email, conferencing with NetMeeting&trade software, and Internet telephony capability; and customizable Web content "pushed" from more than 500 channels. Businesses also can develop proprietary content for push across the IE 4.0 channels. An unrelated study by Zona Research Inc., an IT industry research and consulting company, shows Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser continues to make significant headway in grabbing market share from Netscape's Navigator browser. Holding just 3% of the enterprise primary browser market in February 1996, according to the survey of 279 enterprises, Internet Explorer share had grown to 36% in September 1997. Netscape Navigator was still the leading primary enterprise browser at 62%.

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