Janitorial Suppliers Can Liquidate Inventory With Online Exchange

Compiled By Jonathan Katz Global Supply Net (GSN), a New York-based developer of sophisticated e-commerce solutions for fragmented distribution channels, has launched janCentral.com, a comprehensive online resource for the janitorial-sanitary (jansan) supply and service industry. "janCentral.com will give member companies the opportunity to realize substantial cost savings and enhance customer service through a powerful and customizable e-commerce platform, while creating a hub for the exchange of products, services, and information," says Stephen Odzer, CEO and cofounder of GSN. janCentral.com will allow sellers to liquidate excess stock through its auctions and closeout specials, while buyers of jansan products or services can request quotes from suppliers and service providers through the Product and Service Request for Proposal access point. In addition, janCentral.com will offer members centralized access to a wide range of industry-specific resources, including breaking industry news, trade calendars, feature articles on topics of interest, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), educational opportunities, cleaning tips, new-product announcements, books, videotapes, and software.

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