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Japanese Exchange Adds Planning, Forecasting, Replenishment

Compiled By Tonya Vinas A leading Japanese e-marketplace will add CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment) capabilities for its 11,500 corporate members using Syncra Systems Inc.'s Syncra Xt, a supply-chain collaborative solution. TWX-21/Exchange, an exchange run by electronics manufacturer Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, serves customers in the apparel, consumer packaged goods, electronics, high tech and retail industries. Members transact about US$40 billion a year, and the exchange is adding CPFR to its services, which include Web-enabled EDI, MRO procurement, quotations, catalogs and data-exchange capabilities. "Syncra's collaboration platform is an ideal fit for TWX-21/Exchange because it is built on open database and Internet standards, has flexible data management and visualization capabilities, and a high-performance exception engine capable of processing supply-chain data in large scale," says Hiroshi Fukuoka, general manager, Hitachi Ltd. Information Services Division. Syncra Systems is based in Waltham, Mass.

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