Japan's Auto Makers Set Environmental Goals

Japanese automakers are aiming for cars that are almost completely recyclable by 2015, according to the most recent issue of Japan Auto Trends, the newsletter of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Assn.

The organization reports that Japanese automakers are now recycling 75% of scrapped vehicles by weight. The goal is to make the end-of-life vehicle 95% recyclable by 2015 for the industry as a whole. The newsletter reports that in a recent survey, 72% of drivers in Japan said they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly cars. The survey found that 88% of respondents want to buy low-polluting cars equipped with clean exhaust systems.

The newsletter also highlights the record 1997 fiscal year purchases of $25 billion in American-made auto parts by Japan's auto manufacturers. This represents a 9.8% increase over the $22.7 billion bought during the preceding fiscal year.

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