J.D. Edwards Enhances Lean/Flow Manufacturing Solutions

Compiled By Eric Merfalen The lean/flow manufacturing process is one step closer to overall production efficiency, says J.D. Edwards & Co. Specific enhancements to its manufacturing solutions support advancements in content management and production scheduling for discrete manufacturing. The enhancements will be available via OneWorld Xe -- the company's newest initiative that will launch Oct. 2. In addition to existing kanban, shop-floor control, and backflushing functionality, the new applications will enable manufacturers to develop a valid starting sequence for mixed-model flow lines and identify and solve floating bottlenecks. The applications also will help synchronize manufacturing lines and sequence product mix, support complex products and processes, and enhance in-process quality with integrated, graphical work interactions. Dave Hill, vice president of industry sales and marketing for J.D. Edwards, says that these new enhancements will "strengthen our robust manufacturing solution to stay ahead of our customers' rapidly evolving requirements." Bill Ramsey, project manager for Elkhart, a subsidiary of Amcast Industrial Corp., says the new integration will definitely "increase the overall efficiency of our operations."

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