Job-Seekers Unwilling To Relocate

While finding a job in today's market may be difficult, job-seekers for top corporate positions are unwilling to consider relocating to increase their opportunities, a new survey finds. Only one in eight managers or executives were willing to pull up stakes and move for a new job, according to a quarterly survey released by Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. "It began right after 9-11 -- a strong desire to stay near family and friends, even if it meant prolonging joblessness," says John A. Challenger, CEO of the global outplacement firm. "It is now taking managers and executives a month longer to find a job than it did two years ago." In addition, the annual average of top-level job-seekers relocating for a new job dropped to 13.9% in 2003, its lowest level since the survey began tracking this metric in 1986.

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